Far Field Olema

Last Updated: 1/3/18

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2001 American Saddlebred Mare  16.2 hands

Sire:    WC Harlem Globetrotter  (died 3/30/12)
Dam:   Vanity's Summer Bouquet

Extended Pedigree    Offspring   Photo Gallery

Today the daughters of WC Harlem Globetrotter are sought after by breeders, due to their unparalleled success as broodmares.


  Extended Pedigree:

Legend for Pedigree Below:  
(B)= Bay  (C)=Chestnut (G)=Grey  (BL)=Black


CH Wing Commander (c)

CH Anacacho Shamrock(c)

CH Yorktown (c)

*Flirtation Walk(c)
      Oman's Anacacho   Maytime (c) Anacacho Denmark (c)

New Yorker (c)

   Pennypack's Pride(b)
      Golden Stonewall (c) Stonewall King(c)
      Sandalwood Stonewall (c) Silver Moon(c)

WC Harlem Globetrotter (bl)

  My Heart Throb (c) Stonewall King(c)
Sire:     Betty Loo(c)
      CH Wing Commander (c) CH Anacacho Shamrock(c)
      Mr Magic Man (c) Flirtation Walk(c)
      Molly O'Lee (c) Ensign Kirby(c)

Putting On Airs (b)

  Judy O'Lee(c)
      Stonewall Supreme (b) Stonewall King(c)
      CH Supreme Airs (bl) Mamie Peavine(b)

Far Field Olema

Chestnut Mare

    Crebilly's Plumb Beautiful (c) Beau Fortune(c)
      Crebilly's Whirlwind(c)
      Anacacho Denmark (c) Edna's May King(c) (x Bourbon King)
    Oman's Desdemona Denmark (c) Jane Black(bl)
      Reverie's Denmark(c) CH King's Genius(c) (x Bourbon King
    Valley's Desdemona Denmark (c)   Spirit of Kentucky(c)
Stonewall Supreme(b)
Stonewall King(c)
      Dixie Duchess (c) Mamie Peavine(b)
      Dixie Sure Enough(c) Mountain Peavine
Dam: Vanity's Summer Bouquet (c)     Stella Boo
      CH Valley Supreme (c) Genuis Bourbon King(c)
      Status Symbol (bl) Diana Gay(c)
      CH Contract's Lady Anacacho (bl) Private Contract(c)
    Vanity's Symbol (g)   Anacacho Lady Mac(b)
Vanity's Vanquard  (c)

Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly(c)
      Vanity's Flashing Eugenia (c) Precious Miss(c) (x Bourbon Genius)
      Pretty Boy's Lady Eugenia (g) Pretty Boy Chief(c) 
        Silver Sue(g)

  Offspring  -  None


Photo Gallery:


        Snow and Ice Storm - She was not happy! - Jan 2012

  Jul 2011