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 Winalexa von Evman

aka... Lexi

  photo by Jerry Vavra


Sire: Rottlee HARRISON von Evman 
Dam: Queen La Diva von Evman

 March 6, 2009 - June 27, 2017



12 months:    24 months:     36 months:

4 year:

On Friday May 8, 2009 I made a trip to Von Evman Rottweilers of Land O Lakes, Florida after a conference and came home with Lexi, a beautiful rottweiler puppy!

Shown and Handled by Breanne Little:

Age: 12 month  photo by Jerry Vavra

March 27, 2010 - PDFC AKC Show - placed 3rd out of 5 in the 12 to 18 month class
1st time shown with a 1st time handler!!  
Lexi  was the youngest in her class!!!

Photo Gallery     Pedigree


 Photo Gallery  - Age: 4 wks - 9 wks - 10 wks - 13 wks - 12 mo - 15 mo - 16 mo - 24 mo - 34 mo

4 years: Photos by Jerry Vavra


36 months: Photos by Jerry Vavra




34 months -


24 months: Photos by Jerry Vavra


16 months -     15 months-


12 months old - photo by Jerry Vavra 



4 1/2 wks

9 wks  old - Traveling pup

3 1/2 hour car ride from Land O Lakes to Jacksonville-she did very well!

Back relaxing at the hotel the night before leaving for Seattle

Waiting to catch the plane at the Jacksonville Airport..Ready to fly back to Seattle

10 wks  old  - At home in Washington

13 wks  old  - At home in Washington - 24 lbs








  Lexi's Pedigree:


SANTO vom Schwaiger Wappen

LAILA von Hohenhameln               
Rottlee HARRISON von Evman    

 CHAMP vom Vilstaler Land             

Fanny BROOK von Evman

 Blackriesen JULIET vom Evman     


 NORIS vom Grutenblick              

Krikarott JOCKEY vom Blackriesen

Rottberger ZERBO                      

Queen La Diva von Evman      

CHAMP vom Vilstaler Land              

Alumas OSCIE von Evman

NELLI vom Moritzberg