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Jenecks Ecsilla
 Sire: Jenecks Rex   Dam: Jenecks Janka  (Pedigree)

July 7, 2002 - May 28, 2007

On Sept 11, 2002 a call was made to JENECKS Rottweilers and on Sept 17, 2002 I adopted my new rottweiler puppy!   ECSILLA is a variation of the Hungarian Name, CSILLA, which means "star". 

My 1st day in Seabeck!  Age 2 months

Now at 8 months of age and 23 inches tall!

Now 10 months of age & 90 lbs
I got it!!

10 months of age - It's mine!!! 
Playing basketball with a friends' son.

July 7, 2003 Essie turns 1 year old!!  Playing with her birthday present!

1 year old and having a ball!

3 years old-a year later and they said she would not make it after a month!

3 years I am!!  See story below.
Jul 2006 - 4 years old and still going strong!!!!
July 2004 - Essie was taken to Emergency Clinic after showing signs if illness.  After discussing with the emergency vet various options, I requested exploratory surgery instead.  During surgery it was discovered that her large intestine had twisted somehow and 1/2 of it had to be removed.  Because of that her kidneys were compromised and she had to be on IV fluids for 2 weeks around the clock.  After 2 weeks, I was told that Essie would only survive if she had a kidney transplant.   Doing some additional research, I discovered even with a kidney transplant her quality of life would not be good, so I continued to do research on kidney problems in dogs and relying some on information that I learned from my own kidney problems.  The Emergency Clinic suggested I take her home and see how she does without IV fluids, but her prognosis was grave.   But Essie was not going to give up; so I couldn't either!!! With lots of determination, careful monitoring and care, Essie is doing great after 2 years!!!!  A special thanks to Animal Emergency Clinic in Poulsbo. WA for the excellent care during her 1st 2 weeks after surgery.  A special thank you to Dr Christman, Dr Buck, and Dr Adams of Kitsap Veterinary Hospital, Port Orchard, WA for their excellent care and persistence in assisting with Essie doing so well when all the odds were against her!!!!   Although Essie was eventually going to be bred, I decided due to her health struggle in 2004, it was not worth risking her backsliding to poor health and she was spayed July 2006 and she is doing GREAT!!    Essie has turned out to be a wonderful dog and companion and my goal is to keep her happy and healthy for many years to come!!!  Although the many years to come was never a reality, each moment was very precious.  Essie went to join Czar in heaven on Memorial Day 2007.  As her vet said "Essie's fight taught all of us about a strong will to live".    She was truly amazing and a true gift from God.



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